3 Tips To Bring In More Business For Your Retail Store This Christmas

3 Tips To Bring In More Business For Your Retail Store This Christmas

According to the reports presented by the National Retail Federation, November and December are the most lucrative months of the year for retail businesses. Since holiday sales make up as much as 40% of annual transactions for small to medium-sized businesses, these two months are quite impactful for retailers.

It is the time of the year which can make or break a business. It decides whether the retail store is going to end up being profitable in the year or not. With so much money waiting to be made for retail store owners, they should certainly do everything possible to make sure they make the most of the holiday shopping rush.

Here are some of the proven tips to get more potential customers into the store this Christmas.

1) Introduce a Sale

While this may seem an absolute no-brainer, it should not be ignored. As every retailer of every business size introduces some holiday sale, it can be seen that it works. To stand out from the crowd, think about one of the deals that everybody wanted to attend rather than just a sale. This can be achieved by following these tips:

Give a Discount, not a thing. A recent flyer suggested that the retailer was giving away a free pair of socks to all who spent more than $20 in the store throughout the Christmas sale. But if customers feel that they don’t need so many socks or that socks are not that Christmassy, they lose you. Discounts, on the other hand, are quite attractive and everybody appreciates saving some bucks on things they wanted to buy. They can even consider buying something that is not so important but available at a lower price.

Give a Big Bargain a Day. If you sell merchandise from reputed brands or items, which people usually look for, you can benefit by offering huge discounts on a particular item on every day of the sale to attract Christmas shoppers.

Ensure the Discount is Worth. Customers tend to get spoiled with what they receive. A small 5 to 10 percent discount would not help. They are likely to compare and higher the discount you offer on individual items, better the response.

Advertise your Christmas sale heavily through marketing channels like radio, television, social media and newspapers. People should hear the news if they gave you the chance to bring in more business for your retail store this holiday season.

2) Hold an Event

Events are fantastic ways to drive foot traffic into the retail store and increasing the sales. Based on the niche of your retail business, figure out something that appeals to your targeted audience. It can be wine and cheese for socialites and games for children. Hosting retail store events is a great way to engage modern customers at physical stores. When done correctly, this method can draw people into the store, increase awareness and sales. Your event can be as specialized or straightforward as you wish. You can team up with other businesses to create a sidewalk event where each store displays appealing merchandise. Introduce punch cards which should get stamped at each participating business by customers to win a prize. The higher the interaction and interest you encourage at the event, higher are the chances of making sales.

Another great idea to hold an event at a retail store is to invite Santa. You can utilize the opportunity to invite parents for a photo session with their kids. Bring a music band to play some holiday songs and create a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere in the store. Serve sweet treats and candies to add to the experience. People tend to spend more when they are relaxed and happy.

Market your event earlier through online and offline media. You can consider handing out flyers, sending email invites, using a Facebook event invitation and creating a banner for the storefront. Promote your event by getting in touch with newspapers, local TV and radio channels, and bloggers.

3) Use Holiday Decorations

Decorations are one of the most effective ways to reflect the Christmas spirit to your retail store. Christmas lighting and decoration let you dress up the business to be more noticeable. Holiday decorations are highly effective marketing tools as the simple act offers a fantastic range of benefits including:

Attracting Attention. Not a large number of people would be able to resist pausing to observe a specially brilliant display of Christmas lighting and decoration. Imagine the attention you attract when the stop-down display is your own retail business. You are drawing the attention of people who might have otherwise passed by without giving a glance.

Showing Christmas Spirit. While everybody gets into the spirit of the holiday season, you can show your involvement through your business decorated for Christmas. And as spirits tend to attract, you will be able to draw Christmas crowds into your store.

Staying Competitive. During the holiday season, you will not be the only business dressing up with Christmas decor. Other companies, including your direct competitors, will also do this. While Christmas decorations make a useful marketing tool, they prevent you from losing in the competition.

The money you spend on holiday decorations will be a long-term investment for your business. You reap the benefits like attention and goodwill from customers for years to come. But this does not mean you break the budget to get the business benefits of Christmas decorations. You can choose from a wide variety of cost-effective lighting and decoration products available in the market for commercial applications. You can consider outdoor decorations like tower trees to attract customers.

Set up a holiday scene at the waiting area or lobby with big outdoor decor. An artificial tree can be used year after year and decorated uniquely to match your theme. Use more lighting inside and around the store to make it visible during the day and at night. Place stands outside and displays with some of the most popular products and advertising. Make the most of window display to make the store more appealing and attractive.

So, these are few of the most useful tips you can use to get more customers into your retail store over the holiday season. There is no reason these methods can’t be a part of your Christmas marketing plan. Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below.

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