Commercial Christmas Decoration Rentals – Why You Should Rent Or Lease?

Commercial Christmas Decoration Rentals

As Christmas time fast approaches, so does the impending doom the holiday season brings, and it comes in the form of the much-dreaded Christmas shopping.

On top of the lengthy to-do list you’ve compiled, comprised of setting up the guest floor for incoming relatives, decorating the house as lavishly as your budget may allow, and setting up the principal Christmas tree, you now need to add gift shopping for all your loved ones (and maybe even not so loved ones) onto the list.

It is an especially daunting task picking gifts for your nearest and dearest, never knowing whether your gift will be well received or convey just how much they mean to you.

Almost every household across the world shares a similar story during holiday times.

They tend to become more stressful than they are fun, and by the end of the new year, you end up feeling exhausted and worn out and not at all prepared for the long year ahead of you.

Not exactly your idea of a holiday is it?

The case for decorating offices is similar and to some extent even more dysfunctional. Your co-workers have their own homes to go to and decorate and families to spend time with them. Nobody wants to waste their time decorating the office. Because of this, office decorations often lack that oomph that we look for with anything that is related to Christmas.

Christmas is also where professional decorators come into play. Professional decorators take away most of the stress that the holiday season brings regarding decorating and decorations.

Decorating your home or your office is not as simple as merely sticking a giant Christmas Tree in the center of your building and decorating it with shiny objects.

After the holiday season is over, you also need to think about storage and other such things. Professional decorators also keep this in mind which is why the entire process is so hassle-free. 

Buying Vs. Renting

Although buying your decorations, setting them up, and then decorating them by hand may seem like a straightforward idea, in reality, this fantasy is marred often by the facts of daily life.

When you get to the store to buy a Christmas tree and decorations you see that there is already a long line of people waiting to do the same.

When, after hours of waiting, you finally get back to the site of decoration, it takes a lot of effort to get everything set up correctly.

Then, as we mentioned, after the season is over with, you’re left with a large tree obstructing your path and your line of view. And getting rid of these trees is no piece of cake either.

Renting decorations makes the whole process a lot easier. You can choose from a variety of designs, some of which you wouldn’t have been able to pull off if you had decided to go ahead and buy all your decorations from a supermarket.

The decorators give you a specific period during which they will decorate your office or your home, and everything will be taken care of during that small period.

After they finished with their work, you’ll be left with a place shining with bright green and red or perhaps something more decadent if that is what you chose.

One of the best parts about decorators for hire is that they are indeed professional decorators and know how to style a place according to a specific aesthetic.

As much as we’d like to disagree, do-it-yourself decorations often seem lacking and sometimes tacky, and while this may be alright for home decorations, offices are no place for any form of tackiness.

Professional decorators will make your place look like something out of a catalogue for a very reasonable price.

Another significant part of hiring decorators is that all of the ornaments are not permanently there and it is not your job to dismantle and store them.

Just like with the assembling of these decorations, the company will provide you with a specific period during which they will dismantle and take back the decorations. This rids you of the headache of renting a storage space just for all of your holiday decorations.

The pricing of these companies varies according to the style of decoration you choose, the quality of the ornaments as well as the volume of the ornaments.

According to one of the leading Christmas decorators in North America, some companies spend upwards of $200,000 for Christmas decorations.

These are multinational companies that are the leaders of their industry.

Since your budget may not be that big, there are other cheaper alternatives for you to choose. This range anywhere from $1000 to $10,000, it all depends on how much you’re willing to shell out.

Some other facilities available

Apart from the usual Christmas tree and Christmas light, which are considered staples in Christmas decoration, there are other products that these businesses offer.

Some of them are:

  1. Displays– From statues to window displays, decorators offer a whole host of visually stimulating displays to brighten up your home or office.
  2. Christmas Scents– This is a weird but fun product that does wonders to liven up your place. Different Christmas inspired scents can add a different touch to your holiday decorations, putting you in an even more joyous mood.
  3. Other Small Decorations– Things such as wreaths, flowers, mistletoe, etc. are all widely available in markets and with personal decorators. Although they might not seem like much, they can add a lot of detail and vibrancy to your decorations and avoid making your place feel empty. These small additions help make your home/office look full and add a lot of light and joy to your place.

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