Commercial Christmas Decorations – 10 Common Mistakes To Avoid


Christmas is a season of lights and happiness. The streets are lined with people shuffling in and out of stores with their arms loaded with bags and packages. The smell of Christmas and holidays is in the air and every store, office and mall is decorated increasing the beauty of streets and communities. Retail businesses generate a large part of their income in the holiday season. They spend a lot of money to get commercial christmas decorations during this time.

Whether it’s a restaurant, hotel, retail shop, office or a shopping mall; a carefully designed indoor and outdoor holiday decoration will surely work as a great way to build a rapport with the community. Bright and cheerful Christmas decorations makes the customer feel invited to the business, increasing your sales and profits.

While most businesses and commercial stores invest in Christmas decorations every season, there are some mistakes they tend to make. Here is a comprehensive guide to getting the commercial holiday decor and lighting right.

1) Ignoring Planning

Many commercial Christmas enthusiasts simply start hanging decor and lighting without planning anything. This is a big mistake. Building your Christmas decoration is certainly not a rocket science and having a well-thought-of plan can make a big impact on the result.

Take some time to measure your premise, draw a schematic and plan what lights you want to use and where you want to position them. Planning ahead of time results in better-looking decoration and reduces the frustration because you will have all the supplies you need. Planning in advance can also save you a lot of money with off-season deals and discounts on lighting and accessories.

2) Opting for Cheap

Every big box store sells Christmas decorations. They sell them quite cheaper. But remember that when you buy cheap, you get cheap. These stores buy the lights from inferior manufacturers and this is why there are so many quality issues with such lights. Not only are such lights more likely to fail but also don’t offer the visual effects that you get from quality lights.

Don’t mind spending a little more to get your commercial Christmas lighting and decoration from specialty retailers. The dramatic result you get for your display will surely pay off.

3) Colors of Christmas

We have seen shops and offices lit up with nothing more than warm white lighting. But that is really boring. Christmas should not be monochrome and dull; it should be colorful. It is a good idea to add a splash of color to the white to make the difference. You can even use all the colors you like and it will still look beautiful and eye-catching. Just imagine, what would appeal you the most when you drive around enjoying the Christmas decorations. It is certainly the store or mall dressed in rainbow colors, right?

4) Trying to Choke Down an Elephant

The best way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time! And this is true for creating a Christmas display as well. It is great that you aspire to build a spectacular decoration for your commercial place. But you should not try to accomplish it all at once. If it is new for you, start with a basic display this year. You can add something more next year and so on. Progressing to a grand holiday decoration by adding to it year after year is quite beneficial. Not only is it less frustrating and overwhelming but also more affordable.

5) LED Holdouts

Unfortunately, a lot of people still refuse using LED hardware. Purchasing your lights from a specialty retailer ensures that the LED bulbs will offer great benefits like lasting long years as compared to incandescent, using a fraction of power of that consumed by incandescent and looking more beautiful with richer, deeper and sharper colors. If you are a holdout from using LED Christmas lights, you are surely missing out on some really amazing benefits.

6) Neglecting Size and Placement

Consider the use and placement of all your decorations. Look at the site of the decoration and find if the display is suitable. If your commercial is in a windy area, street line decorations hanging over passers-by might be concerning for people rather than delighting. Also, find out whether the decoration size is proportional to the surroundings. Try and optimize the placement of decoration according to the area.

7) Not Shaping

Decorations include bows, garlands, trees and wreaths and they all need to be shaped. To save on shipping, these decorations come packed compactly in a small box. You should view the installation from different angles to make sure that wire branches are stretched out fully to cover the entire decoration.

A tree-like big decoration would definitely demand time for shaping during the installation. It is a mistake to assume that your decorations are fit for public display just because you installed them right. Installers must do all they can to enhance the beauty of the decorations to give them the lively look people expect during the season.

8) Not Bench Testing

Bench testing your decorations is the most important thing to do before entering the field to install. This becomes more critical if you are using decorations from the previous season. You should leave the hardware on for a while to see if the bulbs warm up. LED bulbs should not get too hot. If you find that they are, consider replacing the bulbs for the entire decoration because it is likely that the lights have been affected as the entire season passed. If you are not using the decorations this year, it is a good idea to perform bench testing to save your time and worry. Once you begin the installation, a small fix might become frustrating as you don’t have the necessary tools required. So make sure you inspect all the decorations right ahead of the installation.

9) Getting the Wrong Type of Mounted Decorations

Knowing about the types of decorations is really important. It is a purchasing mistake rather than an installation mistake and it happens quite often. You certainly don’t want to be the installer who needs to go back to the store and return the decorations. Before purchasing, consider and analyze the hardware options. There are many types of decorations and combinations which suit various types of outdoor application areas. Ground mount decorations, for example, use ‘guy kit’ to stake into the ground. Another is street line displays hanging from cables using O-rings and S-hangers. Wall mount decorations generally hang over the building roof with eye-bolts or cable. You should choose the right combination of Christmas decoration styles to create the perfect display for the holiday.

10) Improper Storage

It is important that you take good care of your decorations. Deciding on how to store your Christmas decorations is a small decision that creates a big impact on their longevity. When you buy your decorations, they must have come in some large boxes. You should not throw those boxes away. They are your decorations’ home for most time of the year.

To get the most out of your decorations, take utmost care of them even when they are not in use. Keep the boxes to ensure safe storage all the time. See that you don’t break the bulbs or stack the decorations under heavy items when handling. These things are fragile and it is important to take proper precautions while storing them. Store the decorations in a dry and ventilated area that does not have high temperatures. Undertake regular maintenance and take good care of your decorations to make sure you can use them well next time.

Avoiding these common mistakes would definitely make commercial Christmas decoration more enjoyable and easier for you while making your holiday display more inviting and rewarding.

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