Commercial Tower Trees For Your Outdoor Space – What You Should Know

Commercial Tower Trees For Your Outdoor Space

Christmas is the time for cheer. It is the time of the year when people come together and enjoy, delight and appreciate the beauty and things the holidays bring along. But, it is also an excellent time for business. For many businesses, the Christmas season is undoubtedly the most productive and vital time of the year. It is the time of the year when most companies acquire the majority of their annual revenue within a short span.

Christmas is the time to show community spirit and enthusiasm.

During the holidays, few things are as powerful as a beautifully decorated location. Any company can catch attention by demonstrating the Christmas spirit through a grand Christmas display. Commercial Tower Trees are often the centerpiece of a well-designed commercial decoration.

There are numerous choices for an outdoor space, depending on the area available and the budget. Read on to discover what you should know before selecting the right commercial tower trees for your business this season.

Those who are looking for Christmas trees to brighten and lighten their outdoor spaces this season should consider tower trees. Commercial tower trees are larger than those for the interior, and they come in different varieties to choose from. They help you decorate the commercial lawn, mall or main street more successfully.

Here are the most common types of tower trees to consider:


This type of tower trees is the standard option for any commercial Christmas decoration. These trees range from 12 to 15 feet in height and blend easily with your holiday decor scheme. They offer the simplicity and beauty you can enjoy with simple setup and storage from year to year.

Monarch - Commercial Tower Trees


If you have large spaces to fill with a Christmas tree, a giant type of trees is the right fit. You can even get tower trees which are pre-decorated, making them easy to assemble and style for the holiday decoration. Giant tower trees come in great varieties, and you can consider investing in a tree and follow some care instructions to maintain the decoration year to year.

Giant - Commercial Tower Trees

Giant tower trees make an excellent centerpiece for any lighting project for daytime or night-time holiday decor. A 20 feet Christmas tower tree will be a fantastic iconic piece for a commercial lighting project.


This type of tower trees offers a unique and brilliant solution to adding Christmas decor to any commercial space. Whether you want to create a winter garden or enhance a walkway, illuminated tower trees help you achieve the best outdoor holiday design.

Illuminated - Commercial Tower Trees

Lush commercial grade Pine artificial outdoor Christmas trees with advanced LED lighting technology are excellent choices to create a breathtaking retail centerpiece of the holiday display. If you are looking for a more refined and elegant presentation, you should go for slim base tower trees available for exterior commercial decoration.

A popular choice among commercial owners throughout the world is the original Christmas stacking frame tree that features a classic design combined with high-quality LED lights. Another great option is the timeless Christmas spiral trees ideal for shopping centers and communities.

Business owners, office managers and property managers who decide to decorate office and retail spaces for Christmas find it difficult deciding on the right tower tree which everybody will like. Commercial Christmas trees are seen by thousands of people throughout the season and should be impactful. This requires careful planning and consideration.

Consider whether you need a single tree or many.

If you own a retail space with multiple departments in the establishment, you may want to add individual trees to each of them, decorated in themes matching the locations. Alternatively, you may decide to have a large tree at the entrance and another regular style, non-tower trees at other places in the establishment. This is true for offices as well. A stunning, large tree can stand for the entire decoration or be the first step towards the pathway with a variety of smaller trees.

One of the significant decisions business people come across is whether to choose a real or an artificial tree. The most recommended trees for business settings are the artificial trees. While real trees need care and maintenance and can be used just once, artificial Christmas tower trees are quite advantageous in various respects. With the right care and storage, artificial tower trees last for years to come.

Here are some considerations for buying a commercial tower tree:

Quality. A giant artificial tower tree is a serious investment, and it is not a good idea to get a season or two out of a poor quality Christmas tree. Do some research before making a decision and ask questions about material and methods of construction when you buy a towering tree to ensure you get the quality that serves your commercial space decor.

Quick and Simple Assembly. Stress on a tree with easy assembly procedure so that the process of building the frame, attaching branches and connecting electricity is safe and intuitive. Whether you choose a small or large tree, the assembly should not be a hassle.

Pre-lit Branches. To save yourself from spending hours on lighting a commercial tower tree, go for the tree with pre-lit branches. Make sure the lighting can be changed whenever they burn or wear.

Standard Hardware. Don’t choose a tree that uses a lot of specialty hardware which can become difficult to replace. Get a tree which uses screws, nuts, and bolts which you can find at any hardware store and can be changed using the necessary tools.

Frame Strength. Another must-have, a stable frame that ensures years of reliable use and peace of mind that the tree will stand firm every year is desirable, regardless of the tree size.

We hope this guide will help you get the right commercial tower trees to transform your outdoor space into a winter wonderland.

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