How To: Decorate Commercial Christmas Wreaths

Commercial Christmas Wreaths

The Christmas season is undoubtedly the most fruitful time of the year for most businesses.

When you think about maximizing your traffic and revenue for the company over the holidays, the most effective tool is Christmas decorations.

Taking the full advantage of the power of commercial Christmas decorations during the holidays, you can get instantly noticeable in a way which is impossible to achieve throughout the rest of the year.

One of the most impressive and successful commercial Christmas decoration ideas is Christmas Wreaths.

Elegant and simple in design, wreaths are a classic symbol of the holiday season.

They are beautiful and traditionally festive and do not require much effort. They can be stored easily and decorated year after year.

Ideally suited to applications like light pole mount, ground mount, business and entrance sights, and building mount, wreaths can be created in a variety of sizes and designs to suit the requirements and budget.

Adding natural looking wreaths to any commercial space gives it a cozy and inviting appeal. Adding a simple wreath to the entrance of your business help you make the guests feel welcomed and spread the holiday spirit.

Decorating large wreaths is somewhat different from decorating the standard small-sized wreaths. Commercial wreaths should be chosen in such a way that they are heavy-duty, made out of sturdy, durable frames and should have a suitable thickness, unlike the typical store wreaths that lose shape quickly.

Another factor you should consider when getting a commercial Christmas wreath is the greenery to ensure that it lasts longer than one season.

Choose the wreaths that don’t fade and withstand the sun and don’t decompose right in the first year they are installed.

Once you have decided on a wreath, you can move on to the color scheme. You can consider using 2-3 or more styles of ornaments and 2 to 3 colors of plain round balls.

You can also use floral picks and pine cones to add some depth and dimension. Make sure you have enough variety of decorative items and ornaments before you start your wreath decoration.

When you have decided on the colors, it is the time to pick the style of bow you want to use on your wreath. Commercial grade nylon bows are the most common choices.

They are strong enough to last two to three seasons when installed outdoors and look beautiful year after year if stored properly. You can even consider metal bows which continue longer than nylon bows and look sharp and crisp.

As these bows are heavy, you should ensure that you use a heavy-duty wreath with a sturdy frame that can support the bow weight.

While it may be tempting to hang large wreaths upright for decoration, laying them flat lets you do better. Doing this gives you a better way to place the ornaments, re-position them and move until you get a satisfactory look before finalizing the position. This would save a lot of time.

Now you can begin by installing the bow on the wreath. Whether you want to have it on the top or angled on the side, you should first place and tie it well. Doing this later and achieving a good position is difficult. Ensure that the bow is tucked back into the wreath close to the frame as it will help to reposition over time.

The next step is installing the floral sprays.

The good idea is to keep them flowing out of the top half of the wreath. Once you finished with the bow and the floral sprays, it is the time to place the shatterproof pine cones and ornaments. Here again, don’t tie anything permanently.

First, get the placement the way you like and then wire the things. You can use mirroring to focus on one side of the wreath and get everything the way you want and duplicate it on the other side to make the installation faster. Moreover, see that you tuck some items in front and behind the floral sprays and picks to give it the dimension necessary.

To make sure that the ornaments last year to year without breaking, use only commercial grade shatterproof ornaments on the wreaths. This will enable you to redecorate the wreaths in the future as the needs and styles change. Instead of gluing the things, you can use pre-drilled wired items which can be replaced easily in case they fade, break or you desire a new design.

One of the most challenging tasks for traditional wreaths is adding lighting.

You can stay away from this hassle by choosing pre-lit foliage that lets you focus on your decoration.

You get multiple lighting options ranging from warm white LED lights and clear incandescent lights to vivid LED lights from red and blue to multi.

This foliage comes with battery-operated lights that offer optimum beauty to commercial spaces with limited resources.

Whatever be your taste, classic, big, bold, comfortable, cozy, stylish or straightforward, you can choose from some well-designed foliage to get the exact look and excitement for your commercial setting which excites your customers and spectators about Christmas.

With these tips, you should get a beautifully decorated commercial Christmas wreath which lasts for years to come and look appealing and eye-catching from a distance.

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