Top 10 Best Christmas Light Projectors (2019)

Top 10 Best Christmas Light Projectors

Christmas has always symbolized light and warmth, and this is pretty evident given that we take to decorating our houses with fairy lights and spreading the holiday joy by drinking hot chocolate.

Now, although fairy lights are well and good and seem to do the job just fine, which is to bring holiday charm and cheer into the household.

But there is a relatively new way of doing this, and it’s much more beautiful than fairy lights.

Christmas Light projectors

Christmas Light projectors have been used for a lot of things and now they can be used to light up the entire outer structure of your house. One projector is all you need, and it’ll work better than 100 of strings of fairy lights. What’s even more amazing about these lights is the fact that some of them can even move around, creating the effect of falling snow or shooting stars!

Since there are a lot of these kinds of lights available on the market and not all of them are worth the money, this list is going to boil it down to the ten best Christmas light projectors that are worth the money and will light up your home like nothing else.

Top 10 Light Projectors for Christmas (2019)

     1) Star Shower Laser Projector 

Star-Shower-Laser-ProjectorThis laser projector by Bulbhead is one of the best that the market has to offer. With a range of 3200 square ft, this projector can cover vast distances and is extremely easy to use. It rids you of the need for a ladder to fix this projector somewhere since it comes with an indoor base and will sit either indoors or outdoors.

There are plenty of slides available for this particular projector including the Christmas slide, the Halloween slide, and various other images.

The best feature of this projector though is that it comes with a light sensor, which means that it automatically turns off once it’s daytime and turns on again at night.

     2) Projector Lights 12 Pattern Gobos Garden Lamp

Projector Lights 12 Pattern Gobos Garden LampThis is made for both indoor and outdoor use and as the name suggests, comes with 12 different patterns to choose from which is a lot more than what most projectors offer. With an average price point, this is the one you should get if you’re looking for a lot of variety while not spending too much.

     3) Tunnkit Christmas Waterproof Outdoor Light Projector

Tunnkit Christmas Waterproof Outdoor Light ProjectorThis remote-controlled projector is a powerful projector that offers a broad scheme of things. It has an excellent range with crisp picture quality and provides five different images along with an option to change the color scheme as well which is not something you find in a lot of projectors.

The remote control works from as far as 39 feet, and you have the option to set a timer if you don’t want to turn the projector on and off continually.

     4) Poeland Lights Star Projector

Poeland Lights Star ProjectorThis projector is undoubtedly one of the best on this list. It comes with a wide range of features including certain security features, water resistance, extension, remote control as well as speed control, where you can control the speed at which the picture moves.

You can also choose between red, blue, and green colors for your stars since that is the only thing that this projector can project.

     5) 1byone Aluminum Alloy Outdoor Laser Christmas Light Projector

1byone Aluminum Alloy Outdoor Laser Christmas Light ProjectorThis projector can withstand extremely harsh conditions which include heavy rain, intense sunlight or even dust storms. It can work in extremely low temperatures as well as very high temperatures which means that it can be used in both summer and winter.

The creators of this product knew that which is why they included a wide range of slides including summer themed ones, just in case you might want to bring this projector out during a barbeque!

     6) YMING 8 Patterns Fairy Light Shower

YMING 8 Patterns Fairy Light ShowerWith high picture quality and a wide variety of patterns, this projector had to make it on the list. The range on this thing goes up to 3000 sq ft and can be controlled from 40 ft, which can be extended to 65 ft if nothing is blocking the way between the projector and the remote control.

     7) Demeao Laser Light Projector

Demeao-Laser-Light-ProjectorThis projector has a range of features which include three different types of mounts; wall mount, ground mount, and tripod mount. This projector is also remote controlled and comes with a timer, so you don’t have to worry about walking in the cold to change the pattern of the projector.

     8) Fiery Youth Laser Light Projector

Although the patterns on this projector are charming, the projector itself is durable and well built. It comes with remote control and has excellent picture quality which means that you can see the pattern even on foggy or cloudy days.

     9) SROCKER Garden Laser LightSROCKER Garden Laser Light

This brand-new projector is resistant to extremely rough weather and can withstand harsh rainfall or snow. The projections are very well made, and their colors can be changed as well. The SROCKER comes with a timer that can turn on and off after intervals of any number of hours you choose.

The remote control comes with a 12 ft working distance which is average. The aluminum body keeps it from damaging in harsh weather.

     10) GEEKERS Waterproof LED Laser Light ProjectorGEEKERS Waterproof LED Laser Light Projector

This handy little projector comes with a built-in tripod that makes it extremely easy to set up. It can also be hung on walls or set down on the ground and can be used for both indoor and outdoor events and has features for both.

The projector is waterproof which makes it very well equipped for outdoor use and its small size makes it appropriate for indoor use. The main feature, however, is the rotation feature, where the slides and patterns rotate to add an extra oomph to your celebrations.

The models are varying and can be used for many different occasions.

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