Vampire Plugs – What They Are & Why They’re Essential For Your Light Display

Vampire Plugs

You must have wondered how some people achieve the perfect looking perimeter Christmas lighting around their house or building.

Each cord in the installation is perfectly cut, and every plug is right where it is needed. You might guess they have got professional installers!

But it is not necessary. Anybody can get professional Christmas perimeter lighting with the magic of Vampire Plugs. These are easy to use plug connections which can convert an amateur holiday enthusiast into a professional Christmas decorator.

Vampire Plugs provide you one of the easiest ways to create an impact on your light display and save money by helping you make your extension cords.

Store-purchased extension cords don’t come in the exact length you want. The solution is to make your ties, and this is not difficult at all. You don’t need to possess any technical or electrical knowledge to make this work for you.

They were called Vampire Plugs because inside each plug there are two teeth which pierce the insulation of the lamp cord. They bite into the wire to create a connection.

While buying the Vampire or Zip plugs, you should see that you select the size that matches your wire. Otherwise, you will face problems like getting them on the cable or not staying on. The cord, known as zip cord, comes in 250′ or 1000′ spools.

You figure out how much cord you need, cut it and add the slide on a male plug to one side and the female to the other. There are two types of wire as well – SPT1 which carries a load of 7 amps and SPT2 that carries a ten amps load. Vampire plugs are specially designed to be used with SPT wire and offer an easy and convenient way to make an extension cord. These plugs come in a wide variety of shapes and uses. You can find them in three primary colors – White, Black, and Green.

Male Plugs are designed to be used on the end of the SPT wire of equal size.

They are polarized, and it is essential that you install the wire in such a way that it matches the polarity of the wire and plug. The plug has two teeth to pierce one wire each when installed. Look at the plug and identify the teeth. One of the plug blades is wider, and it is the neutral blade. This side is attached to the ribbed side on the SPT wire. The other one is the narrow blade called hot and is connected to the smooth side of the SPT wire.

Female Plugs are intended to be used on the end of the SPT wire of the comparable size.

They are also polarized just like male plugs and can be used similarly.

Female inline sockets are meant to be used in the middle of an SPT wire of equal size. While they look quite similar to female plugs, these sockets have a missing end on both the sides and the wire can go through them. Many installers modify the female sockets to make them inline.

By adding the inline female devices, you can achieve multiple female outlets throughout the cord instead of just one end. Having some inline females is quite valuable for a variety of lighting applications including hedge and canopy lighting as well as numerous perimeter lighting applications.

With such a useful functionality and convenience they offer, professional Christmas decorators fill their toolboxes with hundreds of these. Even homeowners who have discovered the magic of the little gems can’t imagine their Christmas decoration without them.

Having the ability to make your extension cords is a significant advantage.

Here is a simple guide to creating a 6 feet long cable with an outlet on end and 3 feet one from the end. The first thing is to measure the wire length you require for the application and cut it. Next, split the wire into two sides to avoid contact saving you from a hazard.

A female vampire plug reads ‘ribbed’ on the left side, and it is where the ribbed wire goes in. You should push the wire into the plug so that it fits snug and stays in place. Then, using the thumb, bend the wire onto the teeth and push it into place so that the wire is connected to the plug. Now you can slide the cap on to hold the wire to the teeth in the plug. See that the connection is snug.

The next step is to use a pair of vice grips to the size of the wire, cap, and plug.

Squeeze gently to get the female plug attached to the wire with the cap in place. With a bunch of wire and plugs to make, the method is quite useful. The male plug on the other side is done similarly.

The problem is that Vampire Plugs are not readily available at the retail stores.

But you can order them in your required type from online vendors. You can do some research and find out the online stores that sell these products. Vampire plugs and SPT wire are often available at discounted prices from most vendors during January and February.

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